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The Intermediary Gateway to Who is Real and Who is Not!

Welcome to The Joker Brokers, the only place to find out Who is Real and Who is Not on the Web! We have compiled an extensive database of joker brokers. There is an educational part to our site and even a premium section where you may find who has closed deals. This will include what we will call the "Non-Joker Broker" List, the place where You want to be!

The greatest part about our site is that we have a combined experience of 50 years in the business. We believe that it is important to be educational, informative, and helpful to those who really would like to learn about this business. If you are serious about this business, it is very important to know if You are on the list or not. As we say: "To Find out Who is Real and Who is Not!"

Are you an intermediary? Are you tired of the message board nonsense?

Isn't an intermediary the one who connects the buyers and sellers? Buyers and Sellers will never have a connection without the intermediary!

Thank you for taking the time to read our site here at The Joker Brokers. We are going to discuss serious matters, for people seriously interested in international trade and higher finance.

As a member of our community you will receive periodic e-mails specific to those interests explored at and this will include real trade procedures and documentation, compliance issues, fraud, scams, and everything relating to international business/finance from the point of view of those who have closed.

We are not in this for the money, otherwise we could and would charge much more for these services, and you will not find a better value for truthful financial information anywhere on the world wide web.

Any of our associates that contact you will be closers; they can tell you who is real and who is not. They are paid by the company Founder and President, which means they will not be part of your deal. They are paid to help you! Our Founder does not want any deals tainted by greed.

Our rule: "You have to think from the vantage of the buyer or the seller."

Our rule: "Buyers and sellers have to have an intermediary to get more business."

Our rule: "Most of the buyers and sellers today started out as intermediaries just like you."

We have associates that are international lawyers, corporate traders, brokers, import / export experts, intermediaries, and even trained bankers. All of these people find this list, the services, and products offered at to be very useful. If you want to learn more about international trading, commodities, import and export, and the whole realm of this business you will benefit from our membership. In fact, we are so sure that if you do not benefit from our membership then we will be more than happy for you to discuss with one of our associates, (closers) what it really takes to make a close.

Remember that many people share the same name, and you do not want to accuse the wrong person of being a joker broker, or worse. What we call a "joker broker" is usually an innocent, gullible person who believes the nonsense that flies around on the "joker broker network," and there is more than plenty of it that does go around. People can do some crazy things when more than five or six figures are mentioned. The jokers who do know what they're doing are the ones with the networks of innocent people who believe them. Make sure you properly confirm any suspicions with proper identification.

This is what we will not do. We will not post a name on our "joker list" without two verifiable documents, i.e. e-mails, that can prove that a broker is a joker, or that a buyer is a fake. This will not be a site for disgruntled or angry brokers to post their grievances. Our goal is to expose the frauds and to bring in those who really want to learn about this business. Again this will not be like the other websites that just post any name. We will have a screening process which will include:

  • Written or documented information that a person misrepresented themselves.
  • It will take at least two incidents for a name to be posted - we believe in giving people chances. 
  • We realize from time-to-time that some brokers are really trying to do this business ethically - and that is exactly who this site is for! We want to help you close legitimately and earn some money for yourself. All we will ask for are our fees, not part of your commission.

You will never have your name sold or e-mail distributed.  If you have any questions, your e-mail will be held in strict confidence.

We strictly use PayPal, and we never see your banking information. Your information is always secure. Please click on the appropriate service for your solutions. We have changed our services and our fees recently. We had a good response for our one-on-one vetting sessions which are very successful. Due to the increased demand from those wanting our associates' services to do proper vetting it was necessary for us to increase our price on that one service. For all of our current customers there will be no change in pricing. Our current premium members still get the complete service.

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Yearly Premium for 129.99

Our yearly Subscription includes everything for less than 11 dollars per month.

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  1. You get complete access to the site.
  2. Brief one-on-one vetting.
  3. Have your offer validated by an expert in the field.
  4. Weekly updates to our site and our free weekly educational newsletter.
  5. Having access to information that will be truthful.
  6. Through proper due diligence and vetting we grant you access to our site via buyers, sellers and closers.
  7. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

One-on-One E-mail Consulting


  1. We offer one-on-one e-mail consulting.
  2. You get everything our premium subscribers will receive.
  3. You will be assigned an associate to e-mail you on a daily basis within reason.
  4. Our associate will be dedicated to you via e-mail and will answer all of your questions.
  5. If you have questions regarding more than one commodity we will reassign you to the particular associate for the given commodity.
  6. This is a one time charge for the month and you may be granted no charge access for everything if proper due diligence and vetting has been accomplished.

Direct Telephone, Skype, and E-mail Consulting

  1. You will receive everything included in one-on-one e-mail consulting plus one hour daily telephone consultations through international calls, skype, and e-mail.
  2. We will have an associate dedicated to you and your needs exclusively.
  3. This is for the person taking this business very seriously, and they will be required to submit an e-mail for skype or telephone appointments to learn how to vet a deal.
  4. Anyone playing games will be refunded their money and declined further service.
  5. There will be no daisy chains involved. We will not work within a daisy chain, and we will expect you to be no more than one away from a potential client. If you are not, please do not buy this service. We will most likely decline and refund your money back to you.
  6. This is a one time charge for the month; you may be granted no charge access to the site and our professional staff after proper due diligence and vetting has been accomplished.

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