Letter to Us from a Closer

This is a Letter to Us From a Formerly Admitted Joker Who is Now a Closer!

What do you do when you receive an offer for large amounts of JP-54 and D2 requiring an ICPO with BCL or Soft Probe, NCND and IMFPA up front?

This is pure broker rubbish - throw it in your rubbish bin. No delivery port in the world can handle such volumes. Do you realize how much fuel you are talking about here? Do you know those huge VVLC tankers which are as long as 3 soccer fields put together? This quantity is 17 of those tankers! Which refinery can not only handle such quantities, but refine all of it from a vast volume of crude oil as well? Which port has enough spare tank space for this “lake” of fuel? Which pipeline will bring this “river of fuel" to port?

Answer: Be realistic. Such a "deal" as this simply does not exist.

  • We know that brokers don’t like to hear it, but we have to tell you that you are filling up people's e-mail inboxes with nonsense from joker brokers, and it is spoiling your name. Maybe you are getting these so-called “deals” from good people, but perhaps they are getting them from the joker broker “daisy chain.”
  • Please listen to good advice: Instead of sending 100 e-mails full of broker nonsense which doesn't work, find just one... only one... genuine deal where you are talking directly to the seller (legal owner of the product) or his mandate, and you will save yourself (and all of us) a lot of unnecessary work and migraines.
  • Let me give you some more good advice, coming from years and years of experience in this business: It cost me lots of money and years of hard work with no successful deals to gain this experience, but I am giving it to you for free. It's your lucky day when you get something valuable for nothing!
  • When a deal starts off with “send ICPO with BCL or Soft Probe, NCND and IMFPA,” this is “broker language.” Those that know broker language know what this means: “I'm a joker broker. I don’t have any real product for sale, and I don’t know anyone who has any, so I want you to give me an Irrevocable Purchase Order with your full financial details disclosed, so I can run around with your order and your money in my hands, looking for product, and the next thing you see will be your company and banking details exposed to the whole world, running around unsecured on the internet between thousands of other joker brokers.”

    I was a joker, and I have now closed five deals after years of rubbish. I have successfully helped The Joker Brokers with their business, and in turn, they have helped me with mine. I am now a closer, and I highly recommend them to anyone who would like to learn this business!

    That is what this language means. I suggest you learn the language, and please do not send me even one “deal” which starts off with this procedure. Please just put them straight into the rubbish bin, which is exactly where I put them whenever anyone sends them to me.

  • Valuable Tip:

    Question: "What do real buyers want?"
    Answer: Real buyers want to receive offers only from real sellers.

    Next Question: "How do I tell the difference between a real seller and one who isn't?"

    Answer: A real seller actually owns the product. He, or she, is the legal title holder to the product, and 99% of the time s/he will not be offering the product to the joker broker world at all. Why on earth would a real seller even consider offering real product to the joker broker network? He can just call up Shell Oil, Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, or Total Oil, and offer it directly to any of them, as they always need product.


    Answer: “I learn that I will never receive real offers from a joker broker daisy chain, or network. I will only receive them from a real seller or his real appointed mandate."

  • Valuable Tip: Nobody gives oil products away for nothing. About 95% of the deals that have a low fixed price are scams, and there is no product available. They are fabrications of the joker broker brigade. A real seller will in 95% of all cases only sell with a discount off a Platt’s based price. Why would a seller offer D2 for somewhere in the $400’s when he can get over 50% more, anytime, from any major oil company? Sellers are simply not that stupid!
  • The remaining 5% of deals which sell for a fixed price are mostly spot deals, and they have a time window, usually a maximum of about 72 hours. Within this time limit, the product is normally sold and delivered, because nobody wants to pay extra tank fees for more storage time; it would eat up all the profit. Unfortunately the joker broker brigade picks up on some of these deals, and continue to offer them all around the world for weeks and months after the product has already been sold. The brokers will swear to you that the deals are genuine, and they may have been at one time, but of what use is a so-called “genuine” deal when the product was already sold and delivered two to eight months ago?
  • A real buyer who has money in his bank to buy product with, wants to receive offers only from a real seller who:

    (a) actually owns the product
    (b) has the product already in-tank at the delivery port with tank receipts issued
    (c) has the product in the pipeline on the way to port
    (d) has bought crude oil, which is on the way to the refinery, and the product he wants to sell will be available in 30 to 45 days at the loading port, and
    (e) has some kind of documentary proof (Soft POP) that the product is real and available.

    This real seller will always be prepared to offer product to a genuine buyer on an FCO; he will always be in a position to give some sort of partial POP (proof of product) in exchange for POF (proof of funds), and he will normally be ready to do this bank-to-bank.

    What does this mean?

    It means that you, as the buyer, should ask your so-called “seller” to produce some sort of evidence to you or your bank, to prove that the product is real, owned, and available for sale. If the seller cannot do this, in most cases it will be found that the seller cannot produce any evidence of ownership at all. The seller doesn’t have the product because the deal is fake.

    If a seller is offering you a car for sale, you would want to make sure the car actually belongs to them first, before you give them some money for it, wouldn't you?

  • In any real deal there will never be a huge discount offered with huge commissions to intermediaries; it just doesn’t happen. So when you see a huge discount and / or huge commissions to intermediaries, it is likely that the deal is fake.
  • Please be aware that very often someone in the broker fraternity hears about a deal, which, at the time, may be genuine. This deal is then widely circulated among joker brokers, even months after the product has been sold and delivered. This is called “chasing after rainbows.”
  • Whenever you see JP-54 offered in huge quantities, throw it in the bin. Remember that the largest airline in the world uses 7.8 million barrels per month, and that is worldwide at numerous different destinations! Also remember that this particular airline will not be buying from us; they have long term, long standing direct arrangements with producers. So do yourself a favour and put all huge JP-54 offers where they belong: straight into the rubbish bin.
  • Do some research on the delivery ports. Whenever anyone offers you more product than a port's available capacity can store, it is obviously a fake deal.
  • Take some good advice: Treat every deal as fake until it is proven to be otherwise. You will be right over 99% of the time, and you will save yourself lots of aspirin. The large majority of deals - in fact, almost all of them - running around the joker broker world are either fake deals, or they might have been available for a 72 hour window, but they are still circulating days, weeks, or even months after the deal was closed and the product delivered.
  • Lastly, deal only with people who are either a genuine seller mandate, with official mandate appointment letters from the seller (and beware - there are many fakes), or not more than one step away from such a genuine seller mandate. With anything else you will find that you are wasting your valuable time, and mine (which is not going to happen).

One last thing, and I would like to repeat a point here: I was a joker, and now I am a closer. I highly recommend that you take advantage of The Joker Brokers's services, because that is how you will get to me!


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