Historical Bonds Myth or Fact

Historical bonds including the Mexican Bonds are worthless as securities.  For example, none of the historical United States railroad bonds are payable by today's successor railroads such as Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific. Instead, historical and Mexican bonds only have value as collector's items. A Collectors Guide has the value anywhere from $25 to $700 each.  Some of the Mexican Gold bonds can reach as high as 70,000 dollars.

A program for them?

The Mexican bonds are similar to the Gold Rush of the mid 1800's.  However, the Mexican bonds are more myth than fact:  White doves, blue doves, red doves, pink ladies, vintage gold-backed bearer bonds issued by the Mexican government with a supposed booming trade in historical debt instruments which are fueled by rumors and representations that the (allegedly authentic) certificates can somehow still be used as securities in sophisticated "trading programs"  through a global network of buyers ,sellers, brokers, jokers, and scammers, even legitimate collectors and investors are selling hope.  Although you have claims there are going into a program because they are backed by Gold, they are not!



It is important to take a look at the facts where most joker brokers in this community are not connected to a program which they say they are, no connection to authentic the bonds, saying the old historical bonds are on Euroclear, and the list goes on and on.  Some of the Mexican Bonds were posted on Ebay, an e-commerce site, for 900 dollars.

We recommend staying with the basics and using common sense.

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